Selling Your Triangle Property
You made a great investment in your Triangle property, and whether you have owned it for just a few months, or for years or even decades, we consider it our goal to make sure that you sell it quickly, and for the highest profit possible. WE DON'T STOP THERE THOUGH!!!! We strive to provide Why Realty Group clients with a seamless process with transparent and constant communication.

What You Can Expect
Honest advice. From preparing your home for sale to handing over the keys to the property's new owners, we are here at every step, bump, and curve in the journey.


Prepare Your Property For Sale
You might keep your home looking like a designer showroom every day…if that’s the case, great! Let’s put a sign in the yard and let the showings begin! 

But, if you’re like most of the people that we work with, you have a little work to do first. 

This might involve:
• decluttering + depersonalizing 
• minor touchups
• small repairs 
• staging 
• deep cleaning 
and, in some cases, it might even mean some cosmetic upgrades or even remodeling.

Every situation is different, and depending on your goals, it might take a few days or even weeks to get your house ready, and that’s totally ok with us. We have a network of contractors and professionals who have done a great job for our clients and our agents. If you need a recommendation or referral for a plumber, electrician, painter, handyman, etc, just let us know, we will be happy to make an introduction or pass along their information. 

Need to sell As-Is, quickly, or even off-market?
We can help with that as well! We are always happy to create a Comparative Market Analysis for your property so that you will have an idea of where you stand financially. We will also generate an Estimated Net Sheet so that you can see every line item and cost involved, as well as your potential bottom line profit. Pricing is another important factor.

Expert Negotiation
The best contract for your situation might not always be the highest price…we will help you consider all of the factors involved so that you not only go under contract but also make it to the closing table. This might include considering the best dates + deadlines for your timeline, as well as provisions like waived inspections or offers that include appraisal gap coverage. If you need to find a replacement property or would like to have the option to rent your home back for a few days or even weeks after closing, that is also something that we consider when reviewing and negotiating offers to purchase your home. It’s all about lining the dominoes up… and we sure are good at that!

Once you’re Under Contract, we work to keep everything on track and moving forward as smoothly as possible. From important dates and deadlines to coordinating with your Buyer’s Agent, Lender, and the Closing Attorney...there are a lot of moving pieces and parts involved:

All milestones in the contract start from the date of contract which occurs when the executed offer to purchase is signed by all involved parties.

The due diligence check is written directly to the you, the sellers of the property. It is your to deposit immediately. The due diligence funds are basically a reassurance to the sellers that they can take their home off the market confidently and will have compensation if the buyer chooses to back out. If they stay the course and close on the home, then that money will be credited back to the buyer at closing. There will also be an earnest money check. Unlike the DD check, the EM check is written to the closing attorney or the agency and will be deposited in a trust account until closing. Again, if they stay the course to closing, then it will also be credited back to the buyer at closing.


Usually around 3-4 weeks long (specific date is on page 2 of the Offer to Purchase and Contract), this is the time that the buyer has to complete all property inspections, loan application, appraisal, and all due diligence related to that piece of property. During this period, the buyer can back out for absolutely ANY reason… but the seller will keep the DD funds. The EM will be returned to the buyer. This is often when a second round of negotiations take place involving repairs and credits at closing. The DD deadline ends at 5pm on the date listed on page 2 of the Offer to Purchase and Contract.


After 5pm on the due diligence deadline, all contingencies are removed and the buyer’s earnest money becomes non-refundable. During this period, any agreed upon repairs are done.

Seller allows Buyer to verify that the property is in substantially the same condition as when they first wrote the offer by walking the property. This usually occurs a day or two before the expected closing date.

On closing day, you go to the attorney’s office to sign all of the documents. Once the money has been received from the buyer and/or the bank, the attorney will file the deed online. Once the deed is filed, the closing is done and keys exchange hands. The goal is to have all of the money in place so that the deed can be filed right after the signing takes place!

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