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There is nothing that Valerie DeLoach does that she doesn't do wholeheartedly! She entered the real estate business in 2015 and hit the ground running. The thing that she loved the most about her job was the people. She quickly became friends with her clients and created friendships that lasted long after closing day. After a few years with "big name" agencies, she and her husband, Joe, decided the time had come to branch out on their own.

"I was sitting in a meeting one day and asked the people at the table with me if they knew where I worked. I was shocked when not one member of the Board knew!!! And I emailed them at least once a week!" Valerie said. "So we decided if people are working with ME because of ME, then WHY am I working for someone else?" That's where the concept of Why Realty Group was founded.

The name of this boutique firm located in the Triangle in NC was an easy choice. Valerie had been promoting Wendell, the neighborhood she lived in Wendell Falls, and Eastern Wake in general with a common theme of "WHY ______." She also had a WHY WALL in her office. It had pictures of all of the reasons WHY she works as hard as she does. Each picture represents something special to her. She still has the wall as inspiration.


Once the decision was made, the WHY kept coming up over and over. Why don't agents in the Triangle communicate better with other agents? Why do agents push clients to purchase a home that may not be the right fit? Why do I get to know my clients so well that I know what they want more than they know? Why am I NOT going into business for myself? WHY DON'T I CREATE A SMALL FIRM WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS AND MAKE THE BUYING/SELLING EXPERIENCE FUN? 


Why Realty Group was born... 

Our Team
Valerie DeLoach
Joe DeLoach
Bootsie Harris
Gina Rodriguez
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